2 | 1 : Road Trip

Posted: 05/22/2014 in Road Trip
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I was both relieved and rather frightened at the fact my Nullification aura could cover the whole pickup truck.  Was there any point we would stop progressing?  Would I cover a city, or the state with my aura?  What would happen if I died?  What would have happened to Allen if I didn’t stop Derek’s powers?

Micheal broke the silence.

“So we are going to Virginia City, right Ellen?”

“Yes,”  Ellen replied, quietly.  “We will go to Virginia City.”

If there is anything I had an achievement in, it wasn’t knowing shit about the metahuman scene.  Sadly, I’d have to grow more proactive about what we’d be dealing with until we could take our revenge.

“What’s Virginia City like, Micheal?”  I asked.

He was busy on the road.  He took a turn off the motorway and I glanced at the dashboard, low fuel.  “It’s okay, my dad took us down there once.”


“Yeah,”  he said.  “Low tier cape scene though, which makes it all easy.”

“Low tier?”  I asked.

“Yeah, the teams aren’t that good.  First of all, there is some guy named ‘Stacker’ who multiplies and victories or losses, but that goes for himself as well.  He has two underlings called ‘Firecracker’ and ‘Heavy Metal’.  If you can’t tell, all the good names were taken.”

I could tell.  God knows what callsigns the National Heroes Network will give us.

“Oh, that’s all?” I asked.

“There’s another incontinent type metahuman called ‘Pariah’, there’s a branch of the National Heroes Network, A branch of NHN Minors, three or four other metahumans who work alone and a gang called the Dark Warriors, who are just a bunch of whiny middle class teens with powers,”  he said, sounding angrier as he talked on.  “Oh, before I forget, there’s also a bunch of racist fucks called the White Society or some shit like that.  Everyone else doesn’t have a single power, are hiding it or were taken out by Pariah or the NHN and Juniors, which isn’t saying much when the branch in Virginia city sucks ass.”

Micheal really has an issue with racists.  They didn’t really go down in membership since the sixties, mainly because the civil rights movement ended with Martin Luther King being thrown into the sun on national television.  The event Invigorated racist states and politicians who saw the event as protection by supers.  It also caused a shit ton of legislation on the use of powers, most notably the Political Neutrality Act and the Incontinent Powers Detainment and Analysis Act.  I guess being mixed race in Virginia city will be an issue for him when he isn’t glowing and people can see his half black skin.

We sat Silently while Maxine and Derek chatted away in the back, holding on to our bags of clothes.

Micheal interrupted the silence after 15 minutes of boring road.  “We need to stop soon, low fuel,”  he said.

“Okay,”  I replied.  We pulled into a conveniently located gas station, diner and motel hybrid.

Maxine was first to say what we were all thinking.  “Do we have enough for food everyone can eat?”

We reached into whatever wallets we had, thankful we were actually going to spend a day out not long ago.  It was surprisingly late, when we thought about it.  looking at our money, we had about $467.50 dollars.

“We’ll also need a room or two,”  I said.

Micheal looked at us all.  “You think they have a five bed room?”  he skeptically asked.

Shit, I thought.  “Family room?”

“Really, Ryan?  You gonna be the big daddy to wikkle baby Micheal?”  joked Derek, nudging him.  Micheal punched his shoulder hard enough for him to stumble.

“Shut up idiot,”  Micheal responded.  “I’ll have to sleep near Ryan anyway.”

I nodded and went inside, everyone following behind.  The building was called the ‘Long’s Way’, according to the neon sign above the door.  There were a few stragglers about, almost all eating food with the occasional one or two leeching wi-fi.  The cashier at the counter was a rather cute blond if I say so myself, who was busy reading some romance novel.  Everybody has their hobbies, I figure.  I walked up to the counter and she sprung to attention.

“Can we rent a family room for the night, and some gas?” I asked, followed by Derek interjecting after me.

“Food too,” he said.

“Sure, the Bed is $80 a night, Gas is $14.06 a gallon and Food is on the me-”

A gunshot ripped through the ceiling and broke a ceramic tile, bringing it down to the ground.  Three men stood with handguns, two of whom were pointing from person to person, with a last focused on the cashier.  They all wore jeans, a simple jacket than similar black shoes.

“Nobody move, this is a fucking robbery,”  the one with the gun pointed at us and the cashier stated calmly.  He eyed our money.

“Everybody toss your wallets and shit in this bag here,”  he instructed while pulling out a black rubbish bag from his back pocket and holding it open. He walked over to us, and I glanced at the other two men who did the same to the other customers.

I tossed the money into the bag, and looked to see everyone’s reaction.  Derek was antsy.  Everyone else begrudgingly was okay with it.  After a few tense moments as the robbers moved throughout the motel, everyone had their money, jewelry and other important belongings of worth collected.

They gathered up together. One robber took the three bags. Another walked over to us while his partner pointed his gun from customer to customer.

“One last thing,”  he said firmly.  “I’m taking a hostage.”

He grabbed the cashier by the wrist and pulled her over the counter, to everyone’s outcry.

“What the fuck!”  yelled Derek.  He was almost greeted by a bullet to the face as the masked robber pointed his gun at him as Micheal held him back.

“I’ll kill anyone who fucking tries to stop us!”

They left for the door.  Several seconds of stunned silence as the screaming cashier grew fainter and fainter.

“Fuck this,”  muttered Derek.  He burst out of Micheal’s grip and ran for the motel door.  Crossing half way, he left my aura, turning to his glitching, blinking form.  The crowd of customers let out gasps and small screams of shock, then they all turned to us.

“It’s them!  The kids from Norfolk!”  shouted one customer from the back.

We’d been caught out.


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