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Sacrifice sat there, slowly cutting a fried egg with her knife and fork, humming away like nothing happened.  Her feet swung childishly and she bobbed hear head from side to side, the bull mask sitting on the table next to her place, facing me.

Mocking me.

I had no real will to pay attention to her.  I fiddled with my food slightly, feeling unable to eat.

“You haven’t touched your food,”  said Sacrifice, pointing at me with a knife.

Don’t treat this like it’s normal.

“Eat. I’ll take a thumb if you don’t.”

I reluctantly took a mouthful of fried egg and bacon.  It tasted nice, but I couldn’t really eat.

“So Ryan,”  she began, “Use your powers to find your previous spaces.  Both of them.”

I concentrated on my spaces, swallowing the food in my mouth.  I could feel the hallway where Truama and Bloodwitch betrayed us an-

That wasn’t right.

“You noticed, didn’t you?”

The space I made outside this room was above us.  This is the highest we’ve been.  Why is the space I created above me?

“These rooms shift. Taker is trying to delay us,”  said Sacrifice, standing up.  She grabbed a knife and cut her other wrist open, letting blood drip all over herself.

“I’m not letting him.”

She covered her whole arm in blood, and told me to stand back.  A single, reeling punch broke the floor, creating a visible crater.  She grunted with every strike, widening and making a larger crater.  After several more punches, a lout grinding sound permeated the room.

She broke through into the maintenance rooms of the wall.

Sacrifice gestured me over and I obeyed, the throbbing pain in my hand still reminding me of why.

“It’s dark, and you can see all the little wheels and gears,”  she said, peering in.  “Odd for it to be so chaotic.”

I didn’t say anything, rubbing my right hand.  The hand without a ring finger.

Sacrifice turned to me, her mood changed from curiosity to mild annoyance.  “You can speak right now.”

“I-I don’t feel like it,”  I stammered.  “I don’t have anything to say, I think.”

She turned to me and took several strides.  I moved back, tripping and falling down as she drew nearer.

“No, wait,”  I said, backing up still.  “I didn’t mean it like that, honest!”

She smiled as I scrambled backwards on all fours, still looking at her as I reached the wall at the other end of the kitchen.

“I see,”  she said, her grin widening.  “Are you scared, my golden goose?”

I was terrified of her.


She charged, grabbing my leg and pulling me towards her, her expression changed to almost anger.  I closed my eyes and covered my head on instinct, whimpering slightly.  After a few seconds of nothing, I relaxed and looked at Sacrifice.  She was standing over me, looking at where I was.  I looked up.  Bloodwitch was there, a spear of congealed blood piercing the ground where I was a few moments before.

Sacrifice just saved my life.

“Ryan, corner, now,”  Sacrifice barked.  I scrambled away from underneath her, panicked.

The kitchen was thankfully large enough to accommodate my aura and allow others to freely walk about, for the most part.

“Another work in progress?”  asked Bloodwitch, glancing at me.  Her red scarf draped over her body and her red garments were loose-fitting.  From what I read, she dies her clothes in her own blood and her hair was altered when she got her powers.

“I’m not interested in that, he’s just helping me,”  replied Sacrifice, backing up a step.

“Really? I see differently, considering he’s missing that finger,”  mocked Bloodwitch, a spike of blood shooting from her eft wrist.  “You have the most disgusting hobbies, Sac.”

Sacrifice took a single leap, twisting to avoid Bloodwitch’s spike as she thrust it out.  Bloodwitch reeled her right hand and swung for a jab, blood reinforcing it.  Sacrifice was quicker.  She caught Bloodwitch’s leg with her own and wrapped her arm around her neck, quickly pulling her to the floor in a single movement.  Bloodwitch countered by forming a blade at her foot and kicking, cutting into Sacrifice’s hip.

“You still make that mistake,”  laughed Sacrifice as blood dripped down her leg.  She reeled in for a kick with her newly empowered leg and fell over.

Bloodwitch cut her other foot off, throwing Sacrifice off balance.

“I figured I could just cut you up,”  said Bloodwitch, climbing to her feet.  She began limping to the kitchen table.  “I mean, If I just take your limbs I could give you to father without a sing-”

“What!?”  yelled Sacrifice, rolling to her knees.

I was terrified.  I was going to die.  She tried to kill me.

“Father, you know him!  He’s great and I missed him,”  replied Bloodwitch, cheerful.

Taker was Bloodwitch’s father?

“That bastard,”  said Sacrifice, visibly angry.  She was kneeling in a pool of her own blood, her wound healed.  “I’ll kill him.  I’ll kill him for this.”

“Don’t threaten father,”  shot Bloodwitch, stern.  Sacrifice motioned to grab her dismembered foot.  She got a kick to the face for her efforts.

“He’s always been there, he’s be-”

“He’s a fucking lie, you stupid moron,”  interrupted Sacrifice.  Another kick, this time to her abdomen.

Bloodwitch kicked her one more, harder.  “Shut up.”

She turned to me.

“I’m guessing five meters, right?”  She was forming a long, hard spear with her own blood.  She reeled her hand back an-


I heard a blood curdling scream.  Crack.  More screaming, and blood.  I could barely see anything, she was behind the counter when she fell.  Crack. Crunch.  I felt sick hearing it.  The screaming finally stopped with a loud pop.

“Wha-”  I muttered to myself.  I was shaking violently.

Sacrifice slowly got up, and limped over to me, her foot reattached with Bloodwitch’s scarf.

“Get up,”  she said, before shouting.  “Get up!”

I scrambled to my feet.

“Stay a good distance from me from now on,”  Sacrifice ordered.  “You know very well what will happen otherwise.”

I wanted to ask about Bloodwitch, but I got my answer when I left the room, glancing back.

Sacrifice showed no pity to friend or foe.  Bloodwitch was dead.


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  1. Damn, the more I read the more Sacrifice wigs me out.

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