Supplemental: Self Reflection

Posted: 08/03/2014 in Supplementals
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“Ellen, you are truly pathetic,”  ranted Trauma to herself, marking the wall with a pen.  “What was your plan, lie down and just take it?  Hide me away in the City?  Hope nobody comes?”

I’m sorry…

The hallway was the same, confirming yet again the only inhabitants of the wall were Trauma and Ellen.  Trauma passed through here several times in an attempt to escape, an attempt to be free.  Tally marks covered the walls, painted on with cooking supplies from kitchens, pens from offices and whatever else she could find.  The total count for this particular hallway she was in reached to twenty-seven, and she marked it again.

“You know, I’m glad we can talk.  We can just chat.  I’m really happy we can just have a nice long conversation, because I really, really need to get my own plans in order, Ellen.  It’ll be so mu-”

Please stop, I’m sorry…

“Sorry!?  You think you are sorry!?”  snarled Trauma, enraged at the comment from Ellen.  “I’ll show you true, real, physical regret, you pathetic bitch.”  Trauma licked her lips, exited.  The conversation was almost too much, she couldn’t contain her enjoyment.

No no please n-

“I’ll fucking find that love-struck retard who followed me and I’ll grind him into fucking dust,”  she cursed, exaggerated hand movements illustrating her point.  “He’ll be so happy when he finally fucking kills himself.  I’ll make him enjoy it, do it slow.  I’ll ma-”

Shut up! I don’t want to lis-

“I’ll fucking make him shred his goddamn friends apart, with a grin!” Trauma interrupted, furious at Ellen’s indigence.  “He’ll pay a nice long visit to his mommy and da-”

Don’t you dare!  You’ll be so-

“He’ll turn to realize what he just did right as the bitch chokes out her last fucking breath!”  laughed Trauma, grinning wildly.

She opened the door at the end of the corridor, finding the one corridor she was looking for hours and hours on end after running away from the fight.  The corridor with poorly washed the orders from Taker, still attached to the entrance.

“He’ll be so happy when he finally guts himself!”

She smiled at her handiwork.  Taker may have written the orders, but Trauma was the one to deliberately fail to erase them correctly.  Feeling Ryan’s heart slowly sink as she walked down the corridor was delicious.  The tension and heartbreak as Bloodwitch slowly had to steel herself knowing she was going to fight her old mentor to the death?

To die for.

You can’t get away with this, they’ll kill us!  You’ll be stopped!

“I know,”  replied Trauma, grinning.  “It keeps me going, by the way, knowing that as long as I breathe you wish you’ll die.  That feeling I got when you were just begging Sacrifice to take notice of what I did and kill us both, even though it was merely futile because I’m in total control?  Simply Orgasmic,”  said Trauma, groping herself to provide emphasis as she grinned wildly.

Ellen was silent.

“I can’t wait,”  she continued, almost drooling at the thoughts in her head.  “I’ll ses mothers convinced to smother their daughters like it’s the only thing left on a chores list, I’ll meet single men and women ready to grieve over lost loves and end it all, there will be widows who wish to join their other halves that I’ll gladly aid…”

Catching her breath, she slowed down, her breath panting.  “I can’t contain myself, Ellen.  I almost want to skip the family reunion.”

Trauma stopped her hands from moving any further under her clothes, blushing in embarrassment.  Taker may have given her control, but she still has her own issues with self control.

“I can’t wait to make you watch,”  she finished, walking to the less damaged van.

She opened the doors, happy that the keys were still in the ignition.  She sat in the front seat, hands on the driving wheel and feet struggling to reach the gas and brakes.  She imagined for a moment the pure unfiltered sound of loss that would cry out if she plowed through a group of children crossing the road.

Stop that, hands where you can see them, thought Trauma.

Ellen all but gave up.  Trauma had enough time to work on her.  After all, Trauma knew everything about her.  She knew everything about Everyone.  She knew who people were cheating on whom with, she knew the size of your debt, she knew how unrealistic your dream job is…

She knew what to say to crush people as painfully and thoroughly as possible, in as few words as necessary.

Taker was kind to her for that reason,  because she was ‘fun’.  She’d have to visit taker sometime in the future.  She’d love to see how fun Taker was to her.

“Taker was like a father,”  she lied to herself, starting the ignition and reversing the car slowly.  It was harder than she thought, really.  She had to exert so much effort to drive, just because she was so small.

“I guess that means I have more of a family than you, right Ellen?”

Please, she’s your mother t-

“She’ll be nobody’s mother soon enough, sweetie.  Just sit back and let me take care of it.”

The Car reached the road, turning slowly and clumsily.

Don’t do this to me! You’ve done enough alr-

“The fact that I’m not hearing you say ‘kill me’ over and over again suggests that I’ve not done enough!”  shot Trauma, trying to adjust the side mirror of the van.  “Just sit back and enjoy the show.  I will.”

The van was difficult to drive with her height, but she figured she was going in a mostly straight line anyway.  She’d worry about it when she got to the city.  When she got to people.  Happy people.  People with families, jobs, friends and so much more.  People who will just go crazy with despair when it is yanked out right from under them.

People who just can’t handle dealing with trauma.



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