Haitus over – Self reflection and me.

Posted: 11/25/2014 in Uncategorized

Okay, so I’m going to be updating.  By that, I mean wrapping up.

Don’t worry, it’s only a first draft.  Which is good, because I want to change many core elements in this story.  I did it because I had to get these ideas down on paper and didn’t want to write fanfiction at the time, and I enjoyed it.  However, flaws have crept in, and the previous few updates were filled more with patching up plot holes I knew existed rather than worldbuilding or developing the cast.

So I made a list of what I did wrong in my opinion.

  1. Made the story a road trip too early.  This decision ruined any chance of having a large cast early on, and dragged me to write stuff I felt was weak and boring.
  2. War arc.  I liked it, but it when in a direction I feel would fit elsewhere.
  3. Powers.  This is a doozy.  I actually fucked up here hard by failing “Show, don’t tell” and even failing to show powers correctly. I think I got Unperson and Plasmic’s power correct, and that was it.  I had a mechanic behind powers, too. dammit.
  4. Cast.  This is related to issue one, but it says something that out of sixty characters, only three or four had any character development at all on screen.


So I’ll be wrapping up as quickly as possible, then re-writing the hell out of everything.

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