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Okay, so I’m officially dropping this story for other things, which may or may not involve what I’d call a complete rewrite.

I had a few ideas on how to progress, but I feel as though being honest and saying I’m done is good enough.

One of the reasons was the issue of strength between opponents.  I’m not the person who can eke out a million to one odds, and I hate trying.  That leads to a downer ending, and to be frank, this story was always going to be a downer ending.

I also lost sight of the story after revealing Taker’s powers.

So yeah. The story, or at least this draft of it is done.  I’ve gotten down the core ideas and several character arcs decently, but I’ll be rearranging them.  You might find some familiar names and faces put elsewhere and I’m going to be adding some characters from my Nanowrimo project to the next draft.  In the meanwhile, I’ll be occasionally updating my other project, Two Hundred Bounties or my main blog, TreeFrogSoup.

It’ll update when I feel like it.

— TreeFrogSoup