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7 | 4 : Ambush

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“It feels good to be king,”  said Taker, sitting there like he was a king.  He was a king.  “Doesn’t it, Sacrifice?”

Sacrifice clenched her fit and got up, standing.  She was shivering noticeably from where I stood.  Anger.  Resentment.  Disgust.

“Taker,”  she said slowly.  “Why?”

Taker looked at her, pretending to be offended.

“For fun,”  he said, exaggerating his mock offence with gestures and faces as he stood up.  “Isn’t that my only motiv-”

He stopped, standing normally but not quite.  “I can’t do this pretend stuff anymore,”  he sighed.

Taker took several strides towards us quickly and lifted Sacrifice’s chin as soon as he had reach, making her look at him with level eyes.  “Bet you didn’t know I could fuck with your head.”

Sacrifice slapped his arm away, scowling.  “What the fuck do you mean by that?”

Taker smiled, backing off with his arms stretched wide and a massive shit eating grin painted onto his face.  “Who’s the daddy?”

Sacrifice leapt for Taker, reeling her fist back for a punch.

Taker was unimpressed.  “Stop, peasant.”

Sacrifice froze.  She froze in the air, immobile.  I took a double take.

“Wow, this king thing is great!”  said Taker, surprised and happy at his newly found power.  “Ryan, come over to your king.”

My legs moved on their own.  I couldn’t struggle or control myself as I walked over to Taker.

“H-Hey!”  I said, approaching Taker while dragging the cocoon behind me still.  “What the hell!”

“Stand right here,”  he ordered pointed just in front of where Sacrifice was.  I saw her looking at me, still in the air.  “Facing her.  Don’t move from there or speak.”

Everything felt slow as I slowly walked to where Sacrifice was aiming for before she paused.

Event Horizon stirred.  “Mmm,”  she mumbled, mouth covered.

Taker untied her from the impromptu harness I made with the silk and pulled her away.

“So Ryan,”  he began as Event Horizon began to realize where she was, struggling with futility against the cocoon.  “You wanted to kill Sacrifice, right?”

I said nothing.  Couldn’t.  My eyes darted between Taker and Sacrifice, as did hers.

“Changed your mind?  She has a habit of doing that.  She did it pretty well back in the day,”  he said, gesturing to Fractal.

He held the cocoon up, forcing Event Horizon to face us.

“Anyway, you know exactly how strong she is, right?  You think she’s telling the truth?  Do you trust her?”

He smiled.

“You could die.  You could be smashed like a melon if you are wrong and I say the magic words.”

She wouldn’t lie to m-

She already did.  She has, several times before.  That was irrelevant.

“You know, that little girl you were after was really fun to talk to.  She offered me a bet, or a deal.  I keep you for three years.  Three years.  You, Sacrifice and this little dear here,”  he revealed, stroking Event Horizon’s chin,  “Are all mine to play with.  Have fun with.  She’ll be busy bringing her own plans to fruition, and I get a free pass after three years.”

Free pass?

“You see, she wants to give me a gift after I gave her a chance to move freely, without that human side interfering.  I break you three down; she gives me the gift I seek,”  Taker walked over to Sacrifice.  “Sacrifice dear, will you tell Ryan every lie you’ve told him that don’t relate to how your powers work?”

Sacrifice looked at me, her face horrified.

“I-” she choked.  “I lied about my past.  I was good, once.  I changed after a while, and things progressed.  Most of my teammates stayed with me.  Glutton. Fractal.  Jawbreaker.  Taker was a villain.  It sorta happened when Druggie came by, we were just teens looking for thrills.  I-”

I knew that.  I did the research and found a summary of your back story.

“I lied about what I was doing with Kingmaker.  I didn’t want to be queen.  I wanted some medicines, and surgery equipment.  M-”  Sacrifice paused, her face was miserable, spilling out her secrets like this.  “I had a father who was sick.  H-He was going to die.  I uh, somebody came by and I tried to get help.  I did the things you know trying to figure out how powers work.  It was sort of relevant when I-”

She looked terrible, telling me this.  It was if she was exposing her true self, exposing her body for all to see.

“It’s why I was so wanted, I think.  Knowing stuff.”

I don’t care.  That wasn’t important.

“I lied about the promise.  I wouldn’t hold it up when we were done.  I’d have killed you or run away or something.”

She didn’t elaborate on why.  She didn’t need to.  I trusted her based solely on the fact I’d have a chance to avenge the hell I was being put through and she crushed it, if I wanted to go through with it.  Our whole relationship, the reason I was okay at the back of my mind with her eating my fucking flesh, it was ruined in an instant.  The promise was a lie.

I wanted to scream.  Scream in anguish, hate, pain, betrayal.  I wanted to cry.

“That’s it,”  Sacrifice finished, exhausted.  “I’ve finished.”

“Good job, not shut up,”  said Taker, turning away from Sacrifice and looking at me from.  “Well, Ryan?  You ready to take the hit?  If you want to live, just say three magic words;  ‘I give up’.  Say them and you’ll get a reward.  One that will make the next three years bearable.”

I could move my lips.  Sacrifice’s reaction said it all, as she saw my face contorted into pure unfiltered contempt.

“I give up,”  I said, staring her down, still immobile.  Taker smiled.

“Good, good,”  he cheered, patting me on the back as I stood there, unmoving.  Unable to.  “I think you’ll like this reward.”

He walked off, slowly, still in my sight.  “You see, I looked into Sacrifice’s mind.  It was easy, really.  Hell, she even thought that I couldn’t, because of all the little false memories I made.”

For the next three years, I regretted this decision every day.


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I dragged Event Horizon along with me, making sure not to wake her.  The softness and lightness of the cocoon Kumo made meant I could easily drag her along without waking her up at all.  I actually tied some around myself, freeing up my hands as I dragged her along the multiple hallways that were separated by doors.

The trip was quiet this time.  Sacrifice was concentrated, and so was I.  Taker had to die; this was an unspoken agreement.  Anything after that was not meaningful at all.  I didn’t care about the promise right now.  We might not live through this.

My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar face.  A face I saw many times, smiling behind the surgeon’s mask as he jabbed me with the needle.

“Druggie!”  yelled Sacrifice, serene.

This was unusual, seeing her so calm, so concentrated.  The current look she gave made every action she took before look exaggerated, as if every act was part of a theatrical play.  Druggie looked at her, his eyes declaring nothing but fury.  Four syringes, one between each finger of his right hand, each a different colour.  I gulped a little.

He took the green one between his pinky and his ring finger, and stuck it into his neck, walking towards us.  I moved back and Sacrifice walked a little forwards.

Druggie forced it into his veins, taking the red one that was between his ring and middle fingers as he discarded the now empty syringe he used to the side.  Sacrifice sped up to a sprint, and so did Druggie.  They met in the middle of the hallway.

The sound of the impact was intense.  Wind blew me off my feet.

Sacrifice was lucky to be partially in blood from her frequent skirmishes.  She was red and bloodied, standing there as dust blew past her.

Druggie injected both the yellow and blue formulae that remained into his neck at the same time.

“Sacrifice,”  he said.  “You’ll pay.”

Sacrifice looked almost confused as she suddenly shot down the hallway at blinding speed, missing me by inches.

The crashing noise confirmed that she was smashed through a wall somewhere behind me.  I turned around to see Druggie there already, moving faster than I could see.  He was holding Sacrifice by the ankles, hammering her body against the pillars.  One by one, each broke with the force of the impact as her flesh connected with stone.

“I figured cutting and stabbing and drugging you wouldn’t work at all, you bitch.”

He used her limp body to crater the marble floor with a downward swing, still holding her by the ankles.  The pillars and floor were ruined.

“The fact you killed her disgusts me,”  he said, tossing her into the ceiling.  She fell down after a few seconds with no grace.

Druggie dashed to Sacrifice as she fell, punching her with incredible force.

“I’ll just fucking pummel you till you can’t get up, then I’ll take you to Dad.”

I was horrified, watching this.  The whole time I was with Sacrifice she was more competent and anyone I knew, she was fast, powerful, intelligent.  Right now, she’s being beaten half to death before my very eyes.  She’s being overwhelmed.

Druggie grabbed the back of her head and brought it for a knee to the face.  It sounded painful from where I was.

The beating continued, her body covered in bruises.  Druggie avoided attacking the bruises, as they seemed to form an impromptu armour on her body.

After one minute, Sacrifice got the first decent hit in.  Druggie mistimed a kick and sacrifice was able to strike his leg with her right arm.  I noticed that her wrist was broken.  She must be in complete agony.

Druggie lost balance and hopped back, but sacrifice followed up with another hit, this time to the temple.  He tumbled to his side as he dashed an impossible distance for any human.

“What? Going into withdrawal?”  chuckled Sacrifice, her body visibly beaten.  She’d die if her powers weren’t active, clearly.

Druggie was sweating.  He charged again, a relentless assault, unending and unreadable to me.  Punches, kicks, elbows, knees.  The only moves I was able to see were the grabs and throws, and just barely.

Finally, he stopped.  He tossed her hard into the cracked and broken marble floor from a decent height.  His clothes were worn out, frayed at the ends.  His face mask was gone, his hair a mess.

He grabbed Sacrifice by the ankles and looked at me.  I was too terrified to refuse.

I followed him down the hallway, keeping back to make sure I didn’t let Sacrifice into my range.  If I shut her powers off, I’d kill her.

Her hand twitched.

“Boy. You take her,”  he said, pointing at me as Sacrifice slowly moved her arm to his right leg.

“I have Event Horizon, I can’t take her,”  I stalled, glancing as she moved her arm to his ankle.  He stared at me intensely, making me look back at him, holding my hands in the air in submission.

Sacrifice crushed his ankle as I stared him in the eyes.  His scream was blood-curdling.

She got up, showing me that her bones had healed. Unfortunately, nearly every bone broke,  and many healed while they were in the wrong place.  Her legs were bow shaped, her ribs and hands has stray bones sticking out, her jaw was misplaced.  She was black and blue and yellow from head to toe, and her left foot was bent into a fist.

She stood, twisted and malformed, almost grinning as three teeth fell out.

“I eedig,”  she said, unable to speak properly. “You ose.”

Blood sprayed me and Event Horizon as Druggie was beaten to a pulp against the marble floor of the hallway.





Sacrifice spent an hour breaking herself, putting everything back to where it should be.  I took the time to vomit behind one of the few remaining pillars as she did so, somewhat horrified at the sound.

I finally looked at her when she was done, and she looked human again.

“So,”  I began,  “Why the wait?”

“Waiting for his drugs to wear off,”  she said, holding a bit of foot in the air.  “He nearly knocked me out, I just came back at the right time.”

She got up and we continued out trek to the throne room.

The doors to the throne room were large and wooden in texture, but solid metal from how they felt.  Sacrifice pushed them with all her might, and fell over to her knees as the doors finally gave way.

I checked to see if she was okay, and I saw the worst situation possible as I glanced into the room.

Taker sat at a round table before the throne.  The King sat at his throne, a spear protruding from his head, a flow of blood dripped off the end of the spear and his wide eyes stared at nothing.  The crown was in Fractal’s hands as he stood behind Taker.

“Good to see you could make it,”  said Taker softly as the crown was placed on his head.  “Long live the king.”

I turned to look at Sacrifice, and I saw it.

I saw despair.


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Kumo’s legs regrew, twitching occasionally as I stared at him.  Sacrifice wasn’t interested; he was dealt with in her eyes and wasn’t a problem anymore.

“We have to get to the throne room,”  she said, grabbing my de-thumbed hand and walking down a street briskly, dragging me along.  “The King needs to declare his victory while he can, and the fact we killed three of his personal guards already means he’s going to have to downsize instead of taking Brazil.”

Apparently we saved Brazil.  Who knew?

“Wait, we can beat the King?”

“That was part of the original plan.  Beat him, take throne, abuse the Immigration and Exile powers to move allies about, have a small nation at your control with supertech built by geniuses.”

I was in awe.  “Is that why you kept your knowledge secret?  To avoid anyone getting the same idea?”

“Not exactly.  Think about it, Ryan.  If everyone knew there was a way to become an absolute, undisputed ruler with no way of being stopped or killed that doesn’t come down to being a complete moron and waging war or some shit, do you think there would be a non-kingmaker nation left?”

I paused to think, putting the knife in the back of my belt due to the lack of pockets I had.

She continued with an amendment.  “Do you think there wouldn’t be a world war three?  Or some other disaster?”

I didn’t need to think hard.

“No,”  I said.  The castle was up ahead, large and imposing.  How did sh-

I was launched into the air, almost taking Sacrifice with me.

Another one of the King’s men.  Sacrifice Didn’t waste any time.  I fell down, getting my bearings.  She already killed whoever attacked in seconds.

We made it to the castle where the king should be; where Taker lay waiting.  All were gone in the city but the occasional pedestrian, hiding away but trying to get a glimpse of us.

We were winning so far.  Bloodwitch; dead.  Jawbreaker; dead.  Glutton; dead.  Trauma was stuck in a maze.  Kumo was pinned down.

That left Fractal, Druggie and Taker.  I’d assume Druggie was killed already.  He was a chemical-oriented super-genius, and Jawbreaker was killed easily by the king.  No, We don’t know how many men the king has.  We counted three killed, maybe Taker’s group killed one too?  Also, Event Horizon.  She’s still alive.

Sacrifice opened the door, peering in.

Nothing.  The hall was empty.

We walked in, anxious.  Itching for the next fight.




The castle was big.  Bigger on the inside?  No, don’t be silly.  The insides of the castle cheated, though.  It was larger than you’d think.

“Ryan,”  said Sacrifice quietly as we walked down another empty corridor,  “Do you want to hear the plan now?”

“Yes,”  I replied, happier than I should have been.

“Good, because we are going to have to break everything inside.”

“Break stuff?”  I asked, confused.  “Why not kill the king?”

“Kingmaker is an enchantment type metahuman.  Anyone can be a king if you have an item he enchanted.  That’s the big secret; the big problem.”

I took a moment to digest that.  I could be a king, if my powers didn’t interfere.  Anyone could.  That’s a scary thought, suddenly having yourself lorded over my a complete stranger because they got lucky.

“I know you lied,”  I said, not thinking.  Sacrifice stopped.

“I don’t like talking about my past,”  she said, a little taken aback.  “That’s another thumb when we’ve finished.”

I deserved it.

“I understand,”  I said, starting to walk with her again.  I stopped, Sacrifice walked ahead and paused.


“I’m stuck,”  I replied.  “It’s Event Horizon.”

Sacrifice looked around.  Nothing in sight, as far as her reaction gave.  She gave me a little push here and there to gauge what she was holding.

“She’s gotten stronger,”  said Sacrifice, both impressed and annoyed.  “Taker’s work, I presume.”

“Don’t kill her,”  I begged softly.  “She’s weak, you ca-”

“I’ll kill her because she’s weak,”  she shot back at me. “I’ll kill her and save her the trouble of wishing she was dead when she gets caught by another group of villains who have guys who can’t handle their urges, unlike my former teammates.”

Cold.  I felt a chill as she said it.

“Not that I can trust them when they have Taker fucking about in there, anyway,”  she muttered, looking harder.

She checked everywhere.  She nearly checked behind every pillar when it hit me.

I looked up, and was disgusted.  Webbing covered the ceiling above me, barely noticeable with the architecture above.  A web ensnared Event Horizon.  She was cacooned; a human booby trap.

I had to get help somehow.  Sacrifice would kill her.  I couldn’t move.  King wouldn’t help.  Taker was the enemy.  I was alone.

“Sacrifice, above me!”  I cried.  She came over and saw the webs in the ceiling, smirking at the trap Taker made for us.

“Good boy,” she said, walking over.  She looked about my clothing for something, anything.  I still had the bloody knife.  She took it from me, practicing her throw a few times.

“Close your eyes, Ryan.”

No.  Don’t do this.  Don’t kill her.

“Sacrifice, you shouldn’t.  You can knock her out, like you do to me, or something!”  My panicked voice told no lies.  I didn’t want to see her die.  She was innocent.  A victim.

“I don’t know what tricks Taker has up his slee-”

“You can take as many fingers as you want,”I interrupted, shouting. “Just please don’t kill her! Please!”

Sacrifice gave a large grin.  Wait, was she tric-

She ran up the pillar at lightning speed, ignoring all conventions of gravity.  She tore Event Horizon out of the web and fell back to earth, cratering the ground beneath her.  Marble cracked like it was merely glass.

“It’s a promise,”  she said, holding her hand out for me to shake.  Event Horizon was okay. I could deal with that.

I could deal with Sacrifice’s acts, as long as she helped me.  As long as she was there.  I held out my good hand, shaking hers.

“Deal,”  I said, smiling in relief.  “I’m glad you saved her for me.”



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7 | 1 : Ambush

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I ran, I ran as fast as I could, charging into the crowd that began to gather, following Sacrifice.  She reached an alley and we ducked into it, taking chaotic turns as the sounds of rubble being made and the booming voice of the King sounded.  I ran out of breath before sacrifice did, placing my hand on a wall when nobody was around.

Sacrifice turned around, catching her breath, too.

“This is the worst possible situation,”  she said, before correcting herself.  “No, this is better.  The King knows now, so we might be able to beat Taker while he’s distracted.”

I finally managed to speak.  “We are going to die, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we probably are.”

This did nothing for my confidence.  I didn’t want to die, not so soon.

Sacrifice continued.  “Best case scenario is we hide and let Taker and the King wear each oth-”

She didn’t get to finish as the King charged through the wall and struck her in the gut with his scepter.  I heard and felt the impact, and saw Sacrifice get launched down the alleyway away from me, creating a resounding thud as she crashed against a wall.

The King had his cape torn, and was covered by webbing across his arm.  He turned to face me, and I saw his furious expression, and the upper half of Jawbreaker, ripped in two.

“Oh fuck,”  was all I could say as he hurled the torso at me, knocking me down and winding me.

“How dare you,”  he said, a vile expression is his tone.  “You insult the King with a cheap attack?”  His slow hovering was ominous.  Even more so when he approached me.

I scrambled to buy time.  “Hey, I’m totally not with them,”  I said, raising my bandaged hand.  I saw the three fingers and remembered about Sacrifice as he looked bemused.  I pushed Jawbreaker’s corpse off of me and pointed in her direction.  She was starting to get up.  “She was with me, we are third parties in this thing that’s happening.  We aren’t enemies, please listen.”

Just as I finished, he turned around to see Kumo tackle Sacrifice out of view as she managed to stand upright.

“That beast killed my Royal Guard!”  he yelled, furious at the sight of Kumo.  The King pulled a parchment out.  “Merly!  Out now!”

Merly was dead wasn’t he? I thought to myself.  A pause as nothing happened.  “Merly!”

Nothing.  The sounds of crashing were distant.  An inhuman scream.  Kumo was hurt.

“Merly too?”  Asked the King rhetorically, throwing the parchment it away for another in his clothing.

“Corvus! I summon you!”  he boomed.

Darkness shot out from the corners of the alley, from the edges of my peripheral vision.  Even more from the corners facing away from me, the ledges of windows, underneath rubble and trash.  It gathered into a rough, barely-human shape.

“I’m here, my King,”  it said, kneeling.

“Kill all intruders except the naked girl and the wounded boy,”  demanded the King.  “Imprison them for later.”

Out of all possible outcomes, this was the worst.  I picked myself up and ran as Corvus made pursuit, creating space around me that filled the alley.  I needed to protect myself.

Corvus screeched, touching my safe zone and retreated, dissipating into every corner I couldn’t see, and every nook I’d never check.  He was looking for Kumo and Sacrifice.  The King left, more parchments in hand.  “Oculus,”  he said, reading one parchment out of view from me.

I was still in the open, I thought, looking around.  I bashed a window with my good hand, and crawled inside, making sure I was in the safe confines of my own ability.  I couldn’t trust my personal sphere, but the active space I could create works wonders.

Inside, there were cowering townspeople.  The mother held a kitchen knife, terrified.  I was too, but for different reasons.

“Upstairs, now!”  I barked, pointing at the staircase.  They backed away, slowly before rushing up  to the bedrooms.

I walked through the kitchen where I entered via window, looking for weapons.  My baton was lost at some point and my shield was a hindrance in travelling, I tossed that without thinking.

A frying pan and a steak knife came to me.  I didn’t want to linger about in a house filled with foreign sci-fi toys for too long.  I opened the front door, and saw Corvus waiting, fully fleshed out in a black robe with his effeminate, white face showing.  Maybe he was elsewhere when summoned and his powers make clones of shadow?  Why in person?

My thoughts were cut short as he pulled out a gun with way too many buttons.  I threw the Frying pan and dived back into the house, covering my ears as I heard a nothing and splinters scattered everywhere.  Fuck, I can’t stop that gun.  My safety was flawed.

Corvus walked into the house as I ran from the hallway to the living room to the kitchen, dodging blasts of energy as they ripped the building apart.  I could hear screaming from upstairs as the family felt the house shake.

“Stay still,”  he whispered, irritated at my luck in avoiding death.

I dived through the window I came in, one last shot barely grazing me as I scrambled down the alley.  I turned and didn’t see him.  He must be heading me off.

I put the knife into my good hand and stopped at a corner, expanding my space some more to give me decent cover.  Well, as much cover as could help, given the fact my opponent has gone to the ‘just shoot the fucker’ school of super powered combat.

His shadow paced around the corner, bursting into nothing as he hit the wall of my power.  He was testing it, looking to see if he could find me or lure me out.  I snaked further into the side alley, cautious of being caught or seen by Corvus and his gun.

I could probably fake a surrender and tackle him, I thought.  No, he’d make me drop my knife, and I’ve already fuzzed up the ‘innocent don’t attack’ bluff.

I scratched my head looking for a solution.  Maybe Corvus was attacking from elsewhere?

I doubled back, running as silently I could while taking a detour.  I was right, he was slowly walking to where I was,  In my space.  I waited for him to pass and ran at him, knife in hand.  He turned and I dived to the side, stabbing his stomach as I fell short.  He shot nothing and hit nothing, crying out in pain as I pulled down, gutting him alive.  He fell backwards and dropped the gun, and in the frantic rush I stabbed him again before he could grab the gun and shoot.

Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.

Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.  Again.

I was out of breath.


I saw Sacrifice and Kumo, after wandering about in a blood soaked daze, not seeing anybody as the townspeople hid from me.  It felt awful.  I’m the bad guy.  I’m a murderer.

Kumo was being held up against a wall as the blood drenched Sacrifice held a leg she ripped off his body.  He was regrowing limbs as she stood there, in the street.

I called out.  “Sac-”

She drove the leg through the wall, nailing Kumo against it.  Legging go, she snapped off another leg, and nailed Kumo more securely with that one, too.

“Stay down, Kumo,”  she ordered calmly.  How could she be?  She just casually ripped her former teammate apart and nailed him to the wall with his own legs.

“Daddy,”  muttered Kumo silently, barely struggling.

Sacrifice turned and saw me.  “Make a space or I’ll kill you.”

What?  She charged, nearly too quick for me to react.  I put my hands up and made a space as close to me as possible, covering my stomach and face. I felt a normal punch to the gut.

It still hurt, and I nearly threw up.

“Good, you are you,”  she said, uncaring about the fact she just hit me.  “That means I killed her, too.”

“Her?”  I just barely said, looking sick.

“Nevermind, just another delay.  Did you get attacked?”

I gave pause, dry heaving and winded.  “Corvus.  Shadow guy.  Big Gun.  Dead,”  I huffed out, confused and alone.

She smiled, standing me straight and patting me on the back.  “Good Job,”  she said, smiling.

I felt like I could understand her better.

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