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Posted: 05/21/2014 in Entry
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“Who has a suggestion for leaving town?”  I asked everyone.

Micheal spoke first.  “Larry still leaves the keys in his porch.  We could take that.”

“We’re not stealing Larry’s fucking truck,”  interrupted Derek.  “We could walk.”

“Walk? are you kidding?”  Micheal looked at Derek incredulously.

“You honestly think driving a pickup with a fucking confederate flag on the bonnet is a good idea?”

Micheal paused for a moment to think.  “We could cover it in paint.”

Derek took a moment to think.  “Ellen might blow it up.  We don’t know what she does.”

“If she’s holdi-”

“Ryan can’t hold all of us,”  interrupted Derek.  “You know that, Micheal.”

“Okay Derek,”  said Micheal who was now slightly peeved at him.  “Let’s not leave town and spend the rest of our lives at a cape asylum.  That’s a great idea.”

Another camera flashed.  “Can we stop the fucking presses, guys?”  I asked with a barely hidden tinge of annoyance.

Micheal moved out of the huddle and lit up.  “Everyone, no more pictures.  This is a warning.”  He said, with a voice that was loud enough to prompt Derek and Ellen into covering their ears.  I figured it must be part of his powerset, because it hurt enough to give me tinnitus for several seconds.

“-loud and bri-”  I could barely make out what Maxine said.  Micheal looked at us and gave a thumbs up, I think.  I couldn’t really look at him.  He held onto my shoulder.

“The Hunting Party is probably going to go southwest, to Elizabeth City,”  he remembered.  “We can get there before them easy.”

Maxine cut in.  “He’s right, they won’t attack for a month now.  If we skip the other places they’ll attack we can ambush the fuckers.”

“Road trip, Anyone?” I asked.




We all ran to Larry’s house.  It was in the suburbs nearby, where both Micheal and Derek stayed.  I held onto Maxine’s hand, Micheal, Derek and Ellen ran freely, with Micheal in the back so as not to blind us.  He’s been getting brighter the whole time we’ve been running, I thought to myself.  Derek carried a tub of paint we looted from a nearby store.  Surprisingly, the Hunting Party’s event hasn’t caused much chaos at all.  Micheal would have pegged it on Norfolk being boring.  I pegged it on the short time frame of the event and how it only affected us.  A thought came to my mind on how odd we all seemed to agree with this plan, but I didn’t mention it.  It’s too late now.

“Here we are,”  said Derek as Micheal grabbed onto me.  I turned my head and saw not a single person outside.  Figures, after what power incontinence can do to people.  Even I saw news stories on the TV about Biohazard’s debut.  Derek put his hand on my chest.

“I’m going to get some clothes,”  said Derek, handing over his tub of paint to Ellen after opening the lid.  “Get the keys and paint up the bonnet.”

Ellen nodded and Micheal and Derek ran off.  I turned as Micheal lit up from letting go of me.  It’s going to blind me eventually.  Ellen poured white paint all over the Bonnet of Larry’s car.  Larry had always yelled about how that black so and so wanted to wreck his ride, but I guess he never figured everyone else did too.  Well, everyone but Ricky.

Maxine had torn a strip of her knee-high denim skirt, and made an impromptu blindfold.

“Hey, don’t let go,” I said.  “You could’ve messed me or Ellen up.”

Maxine finished tying her blindfold on and smiled in my general direction.  “It’s okay,”  she explained.  “If I’m not looking, no powers.”

“Good,” I said.

Micheal returned and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Got a bag of all sorts of clothes,”   he said while tossing them into the back of the truck.  “Anyway, where’s Derek?”

“Didn’t he come with you?”  asked Maxine as she slowly felt her way around the truck, touching wet paint and wiping it on the remainder of her skirt.

Micheal shook his head.  “No.”

Ellen and Maxine hopped in the back of the truck and Micheal walked over to Larry’s doormat to get the keys to his house, glowing again.

“I’ll go check,”  I said to everyone while leaving for Derek’s house.  His house wasn’t far away from Larry’s place, which made everything really suspicious as I looked around.  The streets were still empty.  This was just plain creepy.  Derek’s house was unique in that it was the only door that was pelted in with a golf club.  They’d been too poor to replace it and the damage was superficial anyways.  All the blinds were closed and the door with a ’14’ was open.  Derek must have gotten in.

I walked into the house softly.  “Derek?” I asked. I asked again, louder as I walked into the living room.

Derek’s dad turned to see me.  Derek’s dad turned to see me.  Allan turned to see me.  Allan sat down.  Allan turned to see me.  He wasn’t looking directly at me, but it was almost as if he had.  My face turned white with shock, seeing Allan like this.  He looked worried, sitting down.  He must have been, he loved Derek so much.  Allan turned to see me.  Allan turned to see me.

He spoke one thing.  “Der-”  Allan turned to see me.  Allan sat down.

What the hell did Derek do?  I took a single step towards his dad and he fainted from exhaustion. I walked over to him and checked up on him. He was alive at least, which was a small blessing.  I looked up from the couch and noticed his mother, hands over her mouth, terrified. He was frozen solid, probably due to Derek too.  I took a step towards her with my hands outreached and she slowly fell to the floor.  What the fuck are you doing Derek?  I thought as I walked up the stairs to his room.

Derek was sitting in the corner of his room holding a grey shirt.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him into the wall.  “What the fuck was that!?”

As he began to regain his motion, I saw that he was crying his eyes out, and I hesitated.

“Fuck off Ryan!  I didn’t mean it!  It just fucking happened.”

I took a deep, slow breath.

“What happened?”

Derek began stammering and hiccuping from his crying.  “I-I touched paw an-and he started to lo-”  He couldn’t even finish his sentence.

It dawned on me how terrible our idea was.  Maxine can’t see.  Micheal will guarantee countless attention. Derek is doing something inexplicably awful. Whatever Ellen can do is a wildcard. Worst of all, they were developing.  Micheal wasn’t loud and Derek didn’t do what he did to his parents when Micheal carried him to the mall.

Still, we had already decided on this.  There was no going back.




Both me and Derek took as many clothes as we could and some other utilities.  A first aid kit, some face wipes, mouthwash and a torch.  Ellen and Maxine would have to get used to wearing boy’s clothes, although Ellen would have to moreso than Maxine.  Maxine had bought and worn clothes normally held in the boys isles of clothing stores anyway.  We got back and everybody was all ready to go, with Ellen and Micheal in the front seat and Maxine in the back of the truck.

Ellen noticed us first.  “Hey, Derek isn’t like he should be!”

I turned and Derek was actually moving, which was odd considering he had no body contact with me at all the whole trip back.  I took a few steps away from him and he turned back to his motionless form.

“Well that solves the huddle problem,”  I said to everyone.  I hopped into the front next to Ellen after tossing Derek’s clothes and utilities in the back, and Derek hopped up next to Maxine.

“What happened?”  asked Micheal, as he stopped shining with his incandescent glow and his volume returned to normal.

I looked at Micheal.  “Derek will tell us when he needs to. Just avoid touching him when I’m not nearby, okay?”

We set off for Virginia City.


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