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11 | 2 : Machine

Posted: 11/25/2014 in Machine
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Talking to or even having a chance of seeing Samantha would be hard.  I was a recent allowance into the facility, with powers that interfered with other patients.  Patients who could become unpredictable if their powers were suddenly revoked and returned due to my presence.

“Ryan, Dr. Wiles is here to see you,”  said a guard.  The door opened up anyway, letting the therapist in.

“Thank you Lovecraft,”  said Dr. Wiles as the guard closed he door behind him.

He sat down on a chair.

“It’ll be pretty hard at first,”  he said softly.  “I don’t think you’ll truly get used to it here.”

I didn’t react to him.

“You know, you’ve seem to have come about a change from our last conversation.  Was it something I said?”

I almost said something.  He sighed and put the clip holder down on his lap.


“Yes,”  I replied.

“We can’t undergo treatment if you are unwilling,”  Dr. Wiles said.

“Doesn’t matter.  You can’t treat me anyway, didn’t you already say that?”  I asked with irritation seeping into my voice.

Dr Wiles smiled and sat back.


“We recently employed a long range psychic, Ryan.  Normally he’d be unavailable due to checks and procedures to make sure he’s not doing stuff, but we’ve found the limits of his power along with other things and concluded that he’s fit to work on cases like yours,”  Dr Wiles explained.  “He’ll be arriving tomorrow to see if there are any imprints from Taker.”

“…If you can’t find any?”  I asked.

“Well, if we can’t find any obvious markers, that’s how things go.  It is unlikely that your terms of confinement will change because of the results of the test.”

I nodded approval.  I also felt stifled.  Ever since the Hunting Party came, I’d spent a significant amount of time talking to professionals in fields I didn’t care for.  If anything, I began to miss the education I was supposed to have.  Nobody mentioned it at all, yet.  I wanted to ask why, but that was on the back burner.

It wasn’t like I’d ever really retain some normalcy in my life, anyway.  All my living friends were either in the Junior Group or Villains.  The conversation ended with relief, relief that was put at the back of my mind.  I had more pressing issues to deal with and I was sticking to them.

A soft rumble filled the air.  Something I didn’t expect.  Maybe somebody’s powers were acting up?

I got off the chair I was in and so did Wiles.  We looked at each other.

“What was that?”  I asked.

He smiled and patted me on a shoulder.  “It’s most likely a patient acting up.  Don’t worry about it. You’ll most likely be fine.”

I shrugged.  I was technically the safest person here who didn’t have super strength of some sort.

“So…” I said, sitting back down as a second, louder rumble hit.  “You want to leave or stay?”

Footsteps, shouting.

Wiles shook his head, tense.  There was too much noise for this to be anything but trouble.  How many powers here, all under their own forms of confinement?  What happens if something sets them off, makes them react?

How dangerous is this situation? I could still hear the panicked guards as-

Wiles jumped off his seat and away from me in fright.

“Ryan, the wall beside you!”

I could already feel it, the heat.  Something was melting the wall, and then it stopped.  I guessed a melting touch, and I was correct.

“I figured it out, he won’t be able to attack.”

Wiles face turned from worry to anger and then a mix of both pity and panic.

“No you idiot!  That patient spits a flaming oil!”

I felt an intense burning as he said that.  I was hit dead on, almost my entire right side covered.  I didn’t even have a chance to get up.

“Fuck! Argh!”

I got up and grabbed the back of the chair, turning while I was still on fire.  Wiles already backed up as far as he could, in the doorway.

My attacker was the next cell over.  He was climbing through the cell, his face partially masked by something that should have stopped him spitting whatever it was.  The tube that extracted the source of his powers was ripped out, hanging off his face like a trunk.  He was looking through the hole and tried to climb through.

Tried. I knocked him out with a swing of the chair to his face.  More liquid poured out the mask and ignited the floor.

I dropped the chair since the fires consuming me partially were obscuring my vision and the pain was beginning to show.  It landed in the pool and ignited.  A grim sight.

I turned and saw Wiles already opened the door, and was looking at me.  A rumbling crash filled the air.

“Fuck,” I said, feeling the flames burn me.  I was going to be disfigured by the end of this; that was a fact.

I ran out the room, taking my clothes off and screaming incoherently as the pain reached breaking point before the hallway turned white and I felt a new kind of agony; cold.

The flames that hugged by body were ice, and I was frozen to the floor.

I couldn’t even scream any more.  My breath was taken away by the cold, the ice crushing my naked chest.

“Hey,”  said a voice.  “You are new, right?”

I couldn’t see who it was.  I knew it was a guy by the voice however.

A tear leaked from my face.  Tears of pain.

“Wait, how’d your ears not get frozen?”

The cold was distracting me.  How I was still awake was a mystery.

Still, I shivered out my response.  “Nu-nu-null-lific-ca-ca-cation.”

He was blue, head to toe. His eyes, the whites in them, his hair, his teeth, his skin.  All blue.  I looked to mt left, where Wiles was.  He was dead. Frozen mid step as he tried to run away, as the frost and stiffness of his body could tell me.

The man with the freezing powers stood before me, before looking into my cell behind me and back at my face.

“Wow,” he smiled.  “You got Firespitter.”

I blinked, the cold was driving me crazy.

“I’m Wendigo.”


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11 | 1 : Machine

Posted: 10/22/2014 in Machine
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An hour later and everyone was saved.  Forget-me-not was detained and NHN agents were called to take her away.  The town still had resentment to what the mayor easily described as “a false product”, and the schedule was altered but no casualties were created.

However, I’d gotten in trouble.

Alliance, Aim and Vortex were the agents sent to take Forget-me-not, and Alliance was not happy at how I handled the situation.  I can understand that.

“…sing NHN agents as hostages the a reckless and irresponsible move, Ryan!”  Alliance finished.

I didn’t quite catch that, but I understood the point he was making.

“We’ve been bending our backs trying to help you, and you not only take advantage of it, but do something like this?  Hold on, let me list what we’ve done for you.  The Sacrifice situation;  you  and I agree on that, she’s unfit for trial.  The war incident three years ago is still yet to be resolved, but until today we were looking at an official pardon for you!”

He was flustered.  I didn’t say a thing.

“Finally, there is the three villages project and the Expedition.  You’ve already fucked up this by doing the worst thing ever, and now I’m seriously considering cancelling your partic- no.  I’m considering heading to the board to incarcerate you.”

I didn’t answer to his comments.  Somehow, the only thing that was going through my head was the fact I hadn’t done the worst thing. I could have pressed the button at any time.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t?” Alliance asked, his tone more calm now.

“There isn’t,”  I replied.  “I don’t have a reason or an excuse, sir.”

“Then why do it?”

I thought, opened my mouth to speak, closed it and tried again.  Nothing.

“I… I don’t have a reason.”

“Ryan,”  I could hear the fatigue draining in the sigh that followed my name.  “This is the sort of thing that we were worried about,”  said Alliance.

I had a clue what he meant.  The masked man looked unlike his PR photos;  he was tired here, not triumphant.  There were no mounds to stand on with his short cape flowing behind him, no babies to hold.

“I’m not a sleeper agent,”  I said.  “I’m not.”

Alliance took a breath.  “Then what are you, Ryan?”

I didn’t say anything, which was worse than what I could have said.  I guess I fucked up again.


Alliance… Didn’t do anything.  I don’t know why.  I was taken off the expedition team and sent away for rehabilitation.  There was a risk, they said.  They already were worried that I was a sleeper agent, and the distinctive scar on my chest isn’t helping.  That and my almost murder of seven people.

I wished I was.  Then everything could be explained away and it would all be normal, I’d be back as me.  I could actually grieve over my parents without feeling like it’s a hollow chore, or I could face Michael and Ri- No.

No.  I’m just hiding behind my faults again.

I sighed and slumped back in my chair.  Jackson Correctional Facility had a few staff, but the wait for one to see me was getting irritating.  After shifting my position again, almost getting out of my seat the door opened and somebody finally came in.

“Apologies for the wait Mr Anderson, one of the patients was acting dangerously.”

I thought about spreading my power, but didn’t.

The staff member was a guy with short hair.  His uniform was reminiscent of the scrubs surgeons wear than a trained ward.

“Hey,”  I said.

He sat down, opposite me.  The folder was thin, but I knew what it had.  I’d grown accustomed to seeing my existence held on a clipboard or file.

“It seems as though you were doing fine up until recently,”  he said, clicking a pen and pulling out a notepad.

“Things don’t go perfectly,”  I responded.

“You are right, but that’s still understating what you did.”

Some part of me thought it was amusing how the NHN were so negligent at some things and so strict with others.  Maybe that’s the result of government sponsorship?  Maybe the fact that the army, the police force and many other government institutions felt as though capes were taking over, the only supported avenue was crippled in very specific places?

Actually, nevermind that, I’m here for a reason.

“Can we get to the important part…”  I left my sentence hanging, prompting his name.

“Dr. Wiles.  Call me Dr. Wiles.”

“Okay, I can do that,”  I said.

“Okay.  You understand why you are here right?”

I understood clearly.  Even if I didn’t want to admit it, every now and then thoughts would pop up, asking me questions.  Why don’t I tell them about why I have the scar on my chest?  I ask myself.  Why do I neglect to tell anyone that New Austin will open up soon?

“Because I’m a sleeper agent,”  I finally admitted.  “I’ve got something in my head that’s hiding away, and it’s subtle enough that I don’t notice it.  There are these rules and commands I’m following, but not hearing.”

Dr. Wiles nodded at me to continue, writing down what I said on the notepad.

“I um…  I guess I had an idea, but I put it off.  I didn’t think about it, or avoided the subject.”

“You didn’t want to consider the idea?”  Dr. Wiles clarified.

“I still don’t,”  I responded.  “The idea that he still has a hold over me, I don’t…”

The words drifted off and out of my mind.  Dammit.

“What can you do?”  I finally asked after a long silence.

Dr. Wiles was stoic.  “With your powers?  Nothing legal.”

Ah.  My awareness.  Taker bypassed that, and I can’t nullify it while being aware due to the fact he’s not easily accessible.  Any mind tinkering that they’d do here is a no go, due to the fact that my required consent means I’d be aware for the most part.

No, that’s not right, I still have range limits, right?

“What do you mean?  I still have range limits on my powers, right? Just create a distance?”

“We’ve actually tried accessing your mind already.  It seems Taker has specialities in creating nearly impossible to remove psychic suggestions, not without his help, or help from…”  He caused to consider his next words.  “More dangerous sources of aid.”

“There’s nothing, right?”

“We are trying to trigger it in a controlled environment. Most sleeper agent triggers are built around one time activations, especially when the victim is unaware they exist.”

I was dumbfounded. “You’re saying what I need to do is actually set it off?”  I asked.

“No,”  Dr. Wiled answered.  “We need to set it off, in a place you cannot do harm.”

“How long would that take?”  I asked, taking my hands off my chest and putting them on the table.

“It could take years.”

I looked away and smirked.  “Damn,”  I said.

Dr. Wiles gave a nod and left, gesturing to let me leave the room and collect my stuff.  I was thinking of leaving the building and fixing myself the fast way, but there are things that need to happen first.

I need to see Samantha.

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